Barbara's spirit painting by Sharon Walker 

 Intuitive Counseling and Healing Services

If you have questions concerning life decisions, health issues, relationships, career and business directions and all spiritual
matters, you can benefit from an intuitive psychic consultation. Gaining knowledge and understanding will be of invaluable benefit to you.

I offer expert psychic consulting, spiritual counseling, healing, inspirational healing products including crystal essences, flower essences and aromatherapy. My book, "Pathways to Spiritual Growth: A Transformational Guide", which
incorporates channeled material for spiritual advancement and
self-empowerment, plus techniques for healing and meditations, is available through this site. Click here for excerpts.

Also, offered on this web site are free prayer requests for anyone
who is in need of assistance through prayer.

I am clairvoyant (visually perceiving what is happening),
clairaudient (hearing everything in words) and clairsentient
(feeling what is going on in another). For your consultation, I
elevate my consciousness to  connect with the Universal Mind,
tapping into the past, present and future. I read the Akashic
records, receive information from Ascended Masters and
Spiritual Guides and I also communicate with loved ones who
have passed over and deliver their messages to my clients. In addition, I also do entity releasement of people and clear houses or properties of spirits. Past life information is another specialty of mine. I am committed to bringing in only the highest truth for my clients to
help them attain clarity and peace in their life and with all of their decisions.

Since February 2007 I have been channeling song lyrics with Jim Morrison. In July of 2007 I was contacted by Jimi Hendrix, and have since written song lyrics with him.

One of my dreams is to establish The Sacred Bridge, a sanctuary of peace and soul-healing.   


Barbara Petrie
Psychic Consultant


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Santa Barbara, CA


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