About Barbara

Along with a background in social work and years of experience in counseling, I provide information, instruction, and training to those seeking personal growth and self-empowerment through giving knowledge, spiritual healing and understanding. I believe psychic abilities exist in everyone and I teach techniques to help others heal and develop their gifts to attain their highest potential. I have clients from California to New York, as well as clients in Australia, England and Canada.

As a Psychic Consultant and spiritual healing practitioner, I utilize my psychic gifts to help others achieve personal healing and spiritual growth.  I facilitate insight and guidance to clients, providing direction concerning business and career decisions, financial issues, health concerns, healing, and new understanding of personal relationships. I am also an ordained minister and come from a place of light and love in all matters.

My personal guidance comes by elevating my consciousness and connecting with the Universal Mind, tapping into the past, present and future.  I receive messages from Ascended Masters and Guides for my clients, thereby providing answers to their questions. I use my own channeled techniques to teach healing, meditation, forgiveness, shields for protection, and much more, all of which is incorporated into my book, "Pathways to Spiritual Growth: A Transformational Guide." I also communicate with loved ones who have passed over and deliver any messages that they have for my clients.

I also use Australian Bush Flower Essences, crystals and crystal essences, and aromatherapy in my work. I am totally dedicated to obtaining the highest truth for my clients and truly want to be of service to all. One of my goals is to create sanctuaries where people will feel safe to heal, find peace and grow spiritually.


Barbara Ann Petrie
Psychic Consultant


(917)  794 9000
Santa Barbara, CA | New York, NY



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